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Department of Student Transportation: Bus Attendant

Starting Hourly Rate: $18.28

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) is the State Education Agency for the District of Columbia charged with raising the quality of education for all DC residents. The Division of Student Transportation is responsible for administering safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services for students with disabilities that require it under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). OSSE-DOT provides services for more than 3100 students to schools along nearly 500 bus routes, traveling more than 27,000 miles per day.

The mission of OSSE DOT is to provide safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services that positively support learning opportunities for eligible students from the District of Columbia. The position works under the supervision of a Supervisory Terminal Management Specialist.

Specific functions of the Bus Attendant:

The primary responsibility of the School Bus Attendant is assisting the drivers in ensuring all students are safely transported to and from school. They are required to walk or assist the student from his or her designated drop-off/pick-up address to the bus; maneuver children in his or her wheelchairs and monitor students so that equipment does not shift during transportation; ensure that students stay in their seats while the bus is in motion and report incidents to the schools; and seek emergency medical help when necessary. Ensures the safety of each student. Assists the driver with morning inspection of the buses. Provides support and instruction to the students to ensure their understanding and compliance with bus safety rules.

Assists the driver in maintaining cleanliness of the bus. Works with the driver to ensure that each student is picked up and dropped off at their designated location in a timely manner. Escorts and physically assists students from their designated pickup/drop-off address to and from school or curbside to and from the bus. Assists the driver with reverse operation of the bus by exiting bus and providing hand signals and other appropriate forms of guidance. Monitors students and maintains order on the bus and may recommend approved applicable behavior management suggestions. Moves about the bus to attend to student needs.

Communicates with driver, parents/guardians, and school personnel about student needs. Assists the driver with submission of necessary reports. Ensures compliance with OSSE DST Policies and Procedures and the National Standards for School Buses and School Bus Operations. Operates special equipment used by children with disabilities. Performs CPR and First Aid as needed. Participates in pre-service training and engages in ongoing training sessions as directed. Acts as point of contact for officials regarding accidents and incidents and written reports.

Key Qualifications:

  • Must possess and maintain valid CPR and First Aid Certifications;
  • High school education/GED or higher is preferred;
  • Demonstrated ability in providing exemplary customer service;
  • Must be able to speak clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations;
  • Demonstrated skill in exhibiting sound and accurate judgment;
  • Must be able to write clearly and informatively;
  • Must be able to able to read and interpret written information;
  • Must be able to observe safety and security procedures; determine appropriate action beyond guidelines; report potentially unsafe conditions; use special equipment and materials properly;
  • Must be able to work regularly, on time, and commit to extended hours of work when necessary;

Other Significant Factors:

  • This position is designated as a Safety Sensitive position and is subject to mandatory pre-employment and periodic Criminal Background Checks and Traffic Records Checks (as applicable). This position is also subject to mandatory pre-employment and random Drug and Alcohol Testing, including for marijuana. In this position, you may be disqualified from employment based on the presence of marijuana in test results, even if you possess a medical card authorizing the use of medical marijuana.
  • This position is a part-time hourly position of 35hrs. per week with a split shift.

Please submit your resume and credentials to [email protected].