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2018-19 CBO Enrollment Audit Handbook

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Under 5A DCMR § 3504.3 and DC Official Code § 38-1804.02, OSSE is required to annually collect enrollment counts for children in high-quality pre-K3 (PK3) and pre-K4 (PK4) programs in community based organizations (CBOs), as of Oct. 5 of each school year. A high quality pre-K program is a program providing pre-K education services to pre-K age children operated by a CBO, designated by OSSE, as a program meeting and maintaining the high quality standards and program requirements for pre-K programs pursuant to DC Official Code § 38-272.01 or as provided 5A DCME §3500 et seq. OSSE is then required to conduct an audit to verify the accuracy of the enrollment counts, as well as to identify any material weaknesses in the enrollment systems, procedures, or methodology at the CBO level. OSSE will then report the results of the audit with the Mayor, the Council of the District of Columbia, and the appropriate Congressional committees.

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