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FY 2018 Community Schools Incentive Initiative Grant NOFA

Friday, August 4, 2017

**AMENDED* Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)
DC Community Schools Incentive Initiative Grant (CSII2018)
Request for Application (RFA) Release Date:  Aug. 18, 2017

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) – Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Specialized Education (ESSE) is soliciting grant applications for the District of Columbia Community Schools Incentive Initiative. The purpose of the grant is to establish eight community schools in the District of Columbia, as defined by the Community Schools Incentive Act of 2012, effective June 19, 2012 (D.C. Law 19-142; D.C. Code § 38-754.01 et seq.) (“the Act”). The overall goal of the grant is to provide resources that will enable eligible consortia to create and enhance community-based partnerships, develop a framework for continued funding as well as ongoing evaluation of program success.

As defined by the Act, a “community school” is a public and private partnership to coordinate educational, developmental, family, health, and after-school-care programs during school and non-school hours for students, families, and local communities at a public school or public charter school with the objectives of improving academic achievement, reducing absenteeism, building stronger relationships between students, parents, and communities, and improving the skills, capacity, and well-being of the surrounding community residents. (D.C. Code § 38-754.02(2)).

Eligibility: OSSE will make these grants available through a competitive process to eligible consortia. As defined by the Community Schools Incentive Act of 2012, an “eligible consortium” is a partnership established between a local education agency (LEA) in DC and one or more community partners for the purposes of establishing, operating, and sustaining a community school. (D.C. Code § 38-754.02(3)). An eligible consortium must demonstrate the ability to provide additional eligible services that did not exist before the establishment of the eligible consortium. (D.C. Code § 38-754.03). 
Length of Award: This is a multi-year grant program to begin in FY18. Successful applicants shall be eligible for three years of grant funding subject to available appropriations. 
**Amended** Available Funding for Award: The total funding available for FY18 is at least $1,415,027.32. An eligible consortium may apply for an award amount up to $177,146.76 and shall be eligible for continued funding for two additional years, subject to available appropriations.
**Amended** Anticipated Number of Awards: OSSE has funding available for up to eight awards.  

An external review panel will be convened to review, score, and rank each application. The review panel will be composed of neutral, qualified, professional individuals selected for their expertise, knowledge or related experiences. The application will be scored against a rubric and application will have multiple reviewers to ensure accurate scoring. Upon completion of its review, the panel(s) shall make recommendations for awards based on the scoring rubric(s). OSSE will make all final award decisions.

For additional information regarding this grant competition, please contact:

Melissa Harper-Butler
Program Analyst
Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Specialized Education
Office of the State Superintendent of Education
(202) 478-2409
[email protected]

The RFA and all supporting documents will be available on http://grants.osse.dc.gov or by contacting Melissa Harper-Butler at [email protected].

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