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Home School Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1. What office monitors home schooling in the District?
The Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Home School Office is located at 1050 First St, NE Washington, DC, 20002.

2. Are there regulations that govern home schooling in the District?
Yes. They can be found at DCMR Chapter 52. The purpose of the District’s home school regulations is to ensure that students receiving home schooling are receiving regular and through instruction.

3. What is the notification process for home schooling in the District of Columbia?
A parent or legal guardian who chooses to provide home schooling in the District of Columbia shall submit a home school notification form 15 days prior to instruction. Notification should be done annually on August 15 every year thereafter. If child is currently enrolled the parent should also notify the school BEFORE removal to administer home school instruction. The parent/guardian must submit form annually thereafter. Additionally, the OSSE should be notified when there is a change in address or discontinuation.

4. Do parents need permission from their child’s school to home school?
No. However, parents must notify the school of their intent to home school 15 days prior to withdrawal from school.

5. Is there a website that can get parents started with home school instruction?
There are hundreds of websites that offer guidance and information about home schooling. We suggest doing a search on the Internet to begin that process.

6. Can a parent/ legal guardian home school other children?
No. Home school instruction can only be given to children within the care of their parent or legal guardian.

7. Can home school students be dually enrolled in a public, charter or non-public schools?
No. The District of Columbia home school law does not offer dual enrollment nor allow participation in extra-circular activities associated with DCPS, public charter or nonpublic schools.

8. How does a parent/guardian create a report card for their child?
There are a variety of websites that assist home school parents with creating report cards.

9. How do home school students receive their diplomas?
There are a variety of websites that offer assistance in preparing high school diplomas.

10. What happens if OSSE finds deficiencies in the home school instruction?
If the deficiencies in the program indicate that the child is not receiving regular and thorough instruction, the parent/guardian will be notified and must provide a corrective action plan within 30 days. Please see the regulations for an detailed outline of the corrective action process.

For more information or questions, please contact Stephanie Thomas, home school coordinator, at (202) 654 - 6122 or [email protected].

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