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Unified Data Errors

Updated: October 2020

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) developed this guidance to assist LEAs in the District of Columbia, District of Columbia Public Charter School Board (PCSB), and OSSE personnel in using the Data Equality Error Reports in SLED or Unified Data Errors application in Qlik. This will be specifically useful for individuals responsible for inputting and validating student enrollment, demographic, and/or special education data in the following systems:

  1. LEA SIS;
  2. SLED;
  3. LEA Membership Tracker;
  4. Special Education Data System (SEDS);
  5. Transportation Online Tool for Education (TOTE);
  6. eSchoolPLUS;
  7. LEA Data Mapping Tool (LDM);
  8. ACCESS for ELLs 2.0;
  9. Pearson Access Next (PAN); and
  10. Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA).

It is imperative that all errors and anomalies be resolved as the data will be used for the following purposes:

  1. The assessment reporting including PARCC and MSAA;
  2. Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate (ACGR) calculations;
  3. OSSE Accountability System STAR Rating;
  4. OSSE Accountability System Comprehensive and Targeted Support Designations;
  5. OSSE State Report Card;
  6. Alternative Accountability Framework;
  7. Federal Reporting for the current school year;
  8. Annual Charter Performance Management Framework (PMF);
  9. Review and renewal data analyses completed by the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board (PCSB); and
  10. Other research and reporting for the current school year, including but not limited to the OSSE State of Discipline Report and the OSSE State of Attendance Report.

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