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Farm Field Trip Grant FAQs

1. Are there any required attachments that must be submitted with grant application, such as the 501c3 determination letter, W2 and Master Collection form?
No, there are no required documents. However, submitting the W2 and Master Collection with the application will make getting the grantee into our system faster should they be awarded.

2. If a school wants to take more than one grade level on a farm field trip, and multiple classes are involved, can an individual school submit more than one application?
Yes, an individual school may submit up to two applications.

3. We work with FoodCorps members at several schools, as well as non-FoodCorps Garden Managers who are interested in applying for this grant. I am going to help them with the proposals, but it is unclear to me whose EGMS login they will use. Will they apply through the schools where they manage the gardens, or through my organization that supports them in our Garden Science Program?
The person/organization who submits the grant proposal in EGMS will be the one responsible for submitting the reimbursement requests, managing the budget and doing application amendments. If your organization is taking on that role for the school, then it should be your organization’s EGMS account/credentials that are used to submit the application. If your organization is simply providing guidance to the applicants, then the garden managers and food corps service members would need to apply using their schools’ credentials in EGMS.

4. I have applied for a DUNS number but have not received the information yet. May I apply for the grant and then add this information in once I’m accepted?
Unfortunately, no. This information is required in order for your application to be deemed complete.

Farm Field Trip Grant