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Nonpublic School Training: Nuts & Bolts of Serving Students in Nonpublic Schools

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online webinar

OSSE is conducting a webinar on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019 from 1-3:30 p.m. The webinar is  specifically tailored for nonpublic schools and local education agencies (LEAs), and on areas related to the delivery of a free and appropriate public education (FAPE), related services, and ensuring student safety for incidents involving emergency behavior interventions.

The webinar will cover:

  • Nonpublic student transportation - The Division of Transportation (DOT) will review recent changes in the OSSE Transportation Online Tool for Education (OSSE TOTE). DOT will also review the role of nonpublic schools and LEAs in the transportation request form (TRF) process.
  • SEDS troubleshooting - The Division of Data, Assessment, and Research (DAR) will review procedures for nonpublic schools to troubleshoot the Special Education Data System (SEDS) access and student caseload assignment issues.
  • Related service delivery requirements holidays, extended breaks, and missed services - OSSE will review relevant policy and guidance documents to clarify nonpublic school and LEA responsibility for delivery of related services to students with disabilities attending nonpublic schools.
  • Emergency behavior intervention 10-day regulatory requirement - OSSE will review the requirement for IEP teams as it relates to emergency behavior intervention and regulatory requirements.

Each area will be covered in 45-minute sessions to enable school staff responsible for respective areas to attend only those sessions. In addition to the topics listed above, each session will also include:

  • A summary review of past findings of noncompliance and current concerns (10 minutes)
  • A summary of relevant federal and District of Columbia regulations and OSSE policy (20 minutes)\
  • A facilitated Q&A discussion (15 minutes) with each topic facilitator

Audience: Nonpublic school staff and LEA representatives responsible for ensuring special education compliance, related service delivery and SEDS documentation, coordinating nonpublic student transportation logistics, and conducting and documenting incidents involving the use of emergency behavioral interventions are strongly encouraged to attend.

For questions, please contact Dr. Edgar Stewart at [email protected] or Sharon Powell at [email protected].