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Food Allergy Prevention and Response

Last Date:

810 First St. NE
Ninth Floor, Room 9014

Units/Clock Hours: 2 Professional Learning Units

CCDBG Topic: Prevention and response to emergencies due to food and other allergic reactions

Description: This training will explore the food allergy procedures that should be in place when caring for children in early care and preschool settings according to research-based, Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, and the rights of children with food allergies. Participants will be able to define anaphylaxis, identify common food allergies and their signs and symptoms, outline treatment and management options, learn how to create and follow individual care plans for each child with a food allergy, create and implement a detailed treatment plan in the event of an allergic reaction, and apply and understand best practices for minimizing risks and exposure.

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Sponsor(s): OSSE Nutrition and Wellness

Audience: All infant, toddler and preschool teachers, assistant teachers and directors

Core Knowledge Area: Health, Safety and Nutrition