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DC Tuition Assistance Grant (DCTAG) Disbursement Process

Friday, January 6, 2017

Next Steps after Your Award Letter

Your award letter must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office at your college or university after you have made a copy for your records. The DC Tuition Assistance Grant (DCTAG) award will be disbursed directly to your college or university after the last date to add a class. The award is available for the fall and/or spring semesters, based on your enrollment status. DCTAG does not fund summer, mini or quarter semesters, or non-accredited on- line classes.

Disbursement Details

The DCTAG program is administered by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education's (OSSE) Postsecondary and Career Education (PCE) Division. The DCTAG award may only be used toward the difference between the in‐state and out‐of‐state tuition at your college or university. All awards are paid directly to your college or university.

To assist you in understanding how your DCTAG award is disbursed to your student account, PCE is providing this Disbursement Process.

Student Account Crediting

You should forward the original DCTAG award letter to your college or university's Financial Aid Office, after making a copy for your file.

Your college/university financial aid office verifies your enrollment to PCE, after the last day to add a class in the fall and/or spring semester. The student enrollment information is submitted electronically and certifies student enrollment status, student Satisfactory Academic Performance (SAP) compliance, and college cost information (the college or university must submit the information before an invoice can be approved).

A DCTAG Disbursement Analyst reviews the information to confirm your payment eligibility status.

The financial aid office assesses your student account and determines an invoice amount. The college or university submits an electronic invoice to DCTAG for payment.

If the invoice is authorized for payment, DCTAG submits the invoice to the Office of Finance and Resource Management (OFRM) for fund disbursement.

OFRM processes and mails the check, or forwards an electronic payment, to the college or university, within 30 business days.

The college or university credits your student account.

Student Account Crediting ‐ Discrepancy Resolution

You are advised to take the following steps to resolve problems with the receipt of your DC Grant award:

You should contact the financial aid office at your college or university with any problems concerning your student account. The financial aid office can determine if your student account is correct and, if not, how to resolve billing discrepancies.

If the financial aid office requires assistance, they may contact the DCTAG Disbursement Analyst at (202) 727‐2824.

If your require assistance you may contact your assigned DCTAG Counselor at (202) 727‐2824 or 1-877‐485‐6751.

Colleges or universities participating in DCTAG must adhere to the DCTAG Program Participation Agreement in which they agreed to: "Not impose any penalty, late fee, denial of classes or other institution facilities, or requirement that students borrow funds because of an inability to meet financial obligations to the institution as a result of not receiving forth coming DCTAG funds ..."

Successful completion of the DC OneApp does not guarantee award funding. Funding is subject to annual appropriations as approved and provided by the District of Columbia.

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