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DC School Report Card - Student Enrollment

DC School Report Card

Student Enrollment

We measure and report student enrollment using two different measures – audit count and ever enrolled.

The audit enrollment count is the number of students enrolled in public schools in the District on a specific date in the early fall. The ever enrolled count is the total number of students who are enrolled at any point during the school year; a student who attends a school for one day or 180 days is counted the same way. For this reason, the ever-enrolled count will always be larger than the audit count. You can filter by ward and click different tabs for sector (DC-Overall, DCPS, or public charter schools).

In the graphs below you can use the filter to view each of the data displays by ward and you can click different tabs to view graphs by DC-Overall or by sector (DCPS or public charter schools). This new User Guide provides additional information about how to use and fully explore the data in the DC School Report Card site.

Explore how enrollment metrics have changed over the past three school years. You can view data from all public and public charter schools in DC, view by sector, and filter the results to view by geographic ward.

Explore enrollment data from school year 2021 – 22. View data for enrollment of students by race/ethnicity and by student groups such as Students with Disabilities, English Learners, or Military Connected students. Use the ward filter to view these data by geographical ward. Students whose race is unknown are not included in the table below.

This data shows the students enrolled at any point in the school year by grade.