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Postsecondary and Career Education (PCE)


The Division of Postsecondary and Career Education (PCE) supports programs that improve the overall postsecondary enrollment, graduation, certificate completion, and employment rates for youth and adults in the District of Columbia. Through financial and programmatic support, PCE creates opportunities for District of Columbia youth and adults to attend postsecondary institutions and earn certifications and/or college degrees. PCE also assists residents in obtaining adult literacy proficiency, acquiring a GED, or another similar credential. Additionally, PCE assists District of Columbia youth in career awareness, exploration and preparation.


  • Increase the percentage of District of Columbia youth and adults who attain a college degree or industry-recognized license/certification.
  • Promote accountability and continuous improvement across the District of Columbia’s education landscape.
  • Ensure opportunities for District of Columbia youth and adults to gains skills and re-engage in education and career programs.
  • Provide effective and efficient operational support services to achieve programmatic goals.

Contact Information

Assistant Superintendent of Postsecondary and Career Education
Antoinette Mitchell, Ph.D. - antoinette.mitchell@dc.gov; (202) 741-0471

Deputy Assistant Superintendent of Postsecondary and Career Education
Kilin Boardman-Schroyer - Kilin.boardman-schroyer@dc.gov; (202) 741-0277

Program Analyst/Division Coordinator
Alicia Gadsden - alicia.gadsen@dc.gov; (202) 741-5529


Adult and Family Education
J. Michelle Johnson - jmichelle.johnson@dc.gov; (202) 741-5533

Career and Technical Education
Tony Johnson, Ph.D. - tony.johnson@dc.gov; (202) 727-8576

Career Education Development
Simone García - simone.garcia@dc.gov; (202) 727-4312

College and Career Readiness
Melissa McKnight - melissa.mcknight@dc.gov; (202) 741-6413

DC Re-Engagement Center
Ja’Sent Brown - jasent.brown@dc.gov; (202) 671-2539

GED Program Office
Phillip PremDas - Phillip.premdas@dc.gov; (202) 274-7173

Higher Education Financial Service
Terrance Albert - terrance.albert@dc.gov; (202) 481-3946
Kenneth Howard - kenneth.howard@dc.gov; (202) 741-6483
Melissa McKnight - melissa.mcknight@dc.gov; (202) 724-2095

Higher Education Licensure Commission (HELC)
Angela Lee - angela.lee@dc.gov; (202) 724-2095

Division Overview

To read PCE program summaries and dashboards, please click the year below:

College and Career Resources [PDF]

Contact TTY: