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Interstate Licensure Agreement - Reciprocity

Reciprocity for Valid License Holders from Other States (Effective May 1, 2012)

Licensure by reciprocity is extended to individuals seeking the issuance of a District of Columbia (DC) teaching credential. Individuals may be granted a waiver of DC’s testing requirements and may be issued a full license by meeting each of the following three (3) conditions:

  1. Completion of a state-approved teacher education program at an institution or organization located outside of the District of Columbia in the subject area matching the license being sought;
  • We will also recognize endorsement teaching areas that were added to your license based upon the successful completion of content knowledge and pedagogy exams in the state where your preparation program was completed.  The additional teaching endorsements must appear on your out-of-state teaching license at the time you file an application for initial licensure in the District of Columbia.  If the state where you completed your program did not require content knowledge and/or pedagogy exams to receive endorsement licensure, you will be required to pass the DC licensure assessments that were not taken your preparation state. 
  • For additional ways in which you may obtain endorsement licensure in DC, please visit our Endorsement Licensure webpage.
  1. Possession of a valid out-of-state Level II license (full credential without deficiencies) in the subject area matching the license being sought;
  • If you currently have a valid license from a state other than the state in which you completed a teacher preparation program, you must be able to demonstrate that you held a Level II license in the state in which you were prepared.
  1. Official score reports documenting successful completion of basic skills (Reading, Writing and Mathematics), content and pedagogy exams required in the state in which you were prepared. 
  • Applicants may either submit official test score reports that include pass/fail indications to serve as proof of meeting the state’s licensure testing requirements, or request that the approved program provide state licensure testing verification in a cover letter attached to the Approved Program Verification form (required below).
  • DC will waive the pedagogy testing requirement for valid license holders who submit verification of three years of satisfactory full-time teaching experience (within the past seven years) in the licensure subject area. The experience must be in the licensure subject area, post the completion of an approved program, and have occurred outside of the District of Columbia.

Candidates who do not meet the three (3) conditions above will be given a transcript analysis of their credentials.  A transcript analysis may require license seekers to complete additional coursework and/or licensure tests prior to being issued a DC license.  If your state does not require basic skills, content and pedagogy exams for teacher preparation program entry and/or licensure, you will be required to complete DC’s licensure assessments in those areas that were not taken your preparation state.

The information above is effective May 1, 2012.  If you submitted an application prior to this date and meet the three eligibility requirements above, but did not receive a reciprocal license because the revised requirements were not yet in place, please submit the following information to the Educator Licensure and Accreditation office (address below):

  1. A cover letter requesting a reciprocity re-evaluation
  2. A copy of your licensure evaluation result from OSSE
  3. Official test score report(s) attesting to the successful completion of your preparation state’s licensure exams.

If additional information is needed to process your reciprocal request, a licensure specialist will send you a response.Individuals seeking to obtain a DC teaching license must submit the following forms (see forms for detailed list of required supporting documents):

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

General consultation from the licensure team is available.  Consultation includes Q & A regarding licensure application requirements and processing timelines, and a check to ensure that application packets have the documents required to begin a review.  Licensure evaluations/eligibility determinations are not conducted at the time of submission as that will occur once a complete application packet is logged into our system for review by a specialist.

Friday: 8:30 am to 5 pm for application/material pick-up and drop-off only. Consultation from the licensure team is not available.

Contact Address:

Office of the State Superintendent of Education

Educator Licensure and Accreditation

810 First Street, NE, 8th Floor

Washington, DC 20002


Contact Phone: 
(202) 741-5881
Contact TTY: 
Contact Suite #: 
8th Floor