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Planning Intentional Field Experiences with Children: Look, Listen, Discover at the Corcoran Gallery of Art

Last Date:

500 17th Street NW Washington, DC, 20006
Corcoran Gallery of Art

Explore works of art by connecting paintings and sculptures with the five senses. Imagine the sound of thunderous waves crashing, the smell and taste of salty ocean water, or the feel of slippery sand between your toes. This workshop gives teachers hands-on experience with incorporating the District’s Common Core Early Learning Standards and instructional support strategies into field experiences (field trips) with young children. Participants should come prepared to fully engage in a museum walk and a studio experience.

Course Level: Basic

Registration: www.dcpdr.com by Monday, October 28th or call Patricia Irby (202) 727-8124

Sponsored by: OSSE/Corcoran Gallery of Art

Core Knowledge Area(s): Curriculum

ƒ•‡Ž‹‡—ƒŽ‹–›–—†›ƒ†Early Learning